Demo Social Media Marketing Strategy

 Social Media Strategy on how to manage social media addiction and urges

Day One, Monday

ChannelTime 1Time 2Goal
Facebook9.00 am2.00 pmEducate
Instagram10.00 am 12.00 pmEducate
Twitter11.00 am4.00 pm Educate


Post One

Do you think you are a social media addict? Are you spending so much time on social media, and it’s an obstacle to your professional growth? Are you feeling exhausted without doing any physical activity? Feeling worthless becomes common for you?

If you are continuously feeling the abovementioned problem, you are social media addict. It is obvious for you to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Just a slight change in your daily activity can help you to get rid of this. We are a non-profit organization aiming to educate people about social media addiction and help people to get out of this trap.

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  Addicted To Social Media? | So L.A., as seen on Melrose Ave… | Flickr photo by joey Zanotti  licensed under CCO

Post two

Do we think of a day without social media? We are using social media always in all possible ways. We are scrolling our social media from the dining table to the office room. Do we know what social media addiction is?

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‘Addicted to social media and the internet’ photo by Smriti Rai Addicted to social media and Internet – Free Image by Smriti Rai on is licensed under CCO

Post Three

According to Global Web Index, people ages 18-24 spend an average of three hours and one minute using social media daily.

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Day Two, Wednesday

ChannelTime 1Time 2Goal
Facebook10.00 am12.00 pmEducate
Instagram9.00 am2.00 pmEducate
Twitter11.00 am4.00 pmEducate


Post One

Using social media to connect with friends, family, and the world is not evil. But the Overconsumption of social media can be titled an addiction. It isn’t easy to identify what is regular use of social media and what is addiction. So, do we know what social media addiction is?

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Post two

What comes to mind when posting photos, quotes, or a blog on social media? How many likes we get, how many viewers we have in the post, something like that. We are permanently attached to social media in all ways. Even in the washroom, we cannot resist scrolling through the social media feed.

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Day Three, Friday

Channel Time 1Time 2Goal
Facebook9.00 am 1.00 pmEngage
Instagram10.00 am5.00 pmEngage
Twitter9.30 am2.00 pm Engage


Post One

If you have the following signs your definitely addicted to social media.

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Post Two

Social media is controlling our lives!!!!!!!!!!

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Day Four, Sunday

ChannelTime 1Time 2Goals
Facebook8.00 am 11.00 pmInform
Twitter9.00 am12.00 pmInform
Instagram12.00 pm5.00 pmInform


Post One

Overconsumption of social media can have negative repercussions. The lack of honest and more profound connection with other people offline can cause depressive symptoms. It increased isolation and decreased physical activity. Again, Loss of self-esteem can stem from comparing oneself with seemingly perfect images of people posted online. In a word, it affects our social, personal and professional life.

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Post Two

Are we sure about the consequences of the excessive use of social media?

Day Five, Tuesday

ChannelTime 1Time 2Goal
Facebook8.00 am12.00 pmEngage
Instagram10.00 am3.00 pmEngage
Twitter12.00 pm6.00 pmEngage


Post One

Why have we needed to be aware of social media addiction? Social media controls our emotions and moods and reduces efficiency by consuming most of our productive time. We are spending much time just for the excitement of getting more reactions to our posts. We are becoming anxious to look beautiful in the photos.


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Post Two

Social media addiction leads us to a condition where we are more eager to share all our activities on social media. We think it is a medium to share our news with our friends and family, but we ignore it because we are becoming addicted daily.

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Post Three

As a teenager

Be aware of internet safety.

Be clear that the online world and real world are different

A smartphone doesn’t have to be a priority

Make a limit on how long you use social media.

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Day Six ,Thursday

ChannelTime 1Time 2Goal
Facebook8.00 am 1.00 pmEducate
Instagram10.00 am12.00 pmEducate
Twitter9.00 pm6.00 pmEducate


Post One

Here are some ways to break up with social media.

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Post Two

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Post Three

It is better to avoid social media as much as possible. It is difficult as there is no medicine for it. But this is not impossible.

Day Seven, Saturday

Channel Time 1Time 2Goal
Facebook9.00 am1.00 pmFree give away
Instagram10.00 am2.00 pmFree give away
Twitter12.00 pm6.00 pmFree give away


Post one

Teen ages are more vulnerable in terms of social media addiction. They are not able to identify the difference between regular use and excessive use of social media. They need proper education and information to get out of this.

We are proving free consultancy to young adults and teens to break up with social media.

Post two

Suppose You are neglecting hobbies in favor of scrolling, spending a lot of time overthinking and constantly checking the king performance of the post, or become restless without social media. In that case, you are a social media addict. It’s easy to get out of this trap, and we are here to help you.

An essay on choice of media and engagement of audience

For the social plan of this specific project, I have chosen Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The reason behind choosing is that these media are predominantly used for people aged 18-25. Indeed, people of this age group are also excessively active on TikTok, Snapchat, or WhatsApp. But this project aims to educate people about how to manage social media addiction and urges. So, for educating people, these three media seem preferable to me. As I can post long posts with photos, videos and news links in this media and a vast number of populations are using these media.

For this project, I planned to engage people by educating them about social media use and how slowly it becomes addictive, and how to get rid of this. Many people, especially teens, struggle to find a way out of the social media trap. My plan aims to educate people about social media use, signs of social media disorder, and a guideline for breaking up with it. Finally, providing help to the users who need it.

I have designed a two-week plan that included two or three posts in three different channels every day. I chose to post every alternate day because too much information every day may demotivate people. I also designed the same post for every channel because excessive intake may discourage people. In today’s world, there is so much exciting content, and people can be distracted at any time. That’s why I chose to post every alternate day for two weeks.

For content, I have used mainly funny photos, which I have designed primarily and colorfully to provide suggestions. People, especially teens, are interested in sharing and checking funny and engaging images. They are a big fan group for amusing memes. So, I tried to include that in my posts. I have also included some informative paragraphs to inform the audience on how to manage social media urges or how social media urges affect us.

Regarding the time frame of the posts, I have chosen different times for every channel. I have selected early morning, lunchtime, and afternoon. Because people are using social media more and in detail during this period. As the contents are informative, I aim for the audience to read every post attentively. So, I have targeted the time when people are more active in social media.

In terms of content, first, I selected a post on educating people about social media urges and tried to engage them by posting that this channel or agency will help them get out of this addition. This will motivate people to engage in the channels to get more information as people are seeking help.

Then, I designed the messages regarding every detail about the social media uses, addiction, repercussions of over assuming social media, etc. I wanted to arrange all the contents so that people would be interested to know more.