Sample Public Relations Campaign Planning

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is an American pediatric cancer charity founded in 2005 by Liz and Jay Scott in memory of their daughter, Alexandra “Alex” Scott. Diagnosed with cancer at a young age, Alex’s determination to help other children inspired her to set up a lemonade stand and raise funds for cancer research. Since then, ALSF has raised over $250 million, supporting over 1,000 research projects and providing aid to hundreds of families affected by childhood cancer. Despite their transparent management and impactful programs, ALSF faces challenges due to a shortage of volunteers and donors. To expand their reach and raise $5 million annually, this PR campaign proposal aims to inspire more volunteers and encourage regular donations to achieve their vision of finding cures for all children battling cancer.

Key Messages & Research

To change the lives of children with cancer through Funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.                                                          

A qualitative survey was conducted on existing donors to get an idea about how they feel about the organization and the mission of the organization. The survey mainly focuses on their feelings regarding the foundation’s mission, how they wanted to communicate, how they learned about the foundation, and why they are interested in donating. In this area, of the foundation they think to be modified, transparency of the activities, and whether it is successfully working according to their missions?

S.W.O.T Analysis

Strengths To be successful, a nonprofit must have financial stability, a dedicated volunteer base, and strong leadership. ALSF demonstrates these traits with its focus on curing childhood cancer, donor-centric approach, diverse funding sources, and a competent and dedicated management team..
WeaknessAnything that might be a strength also has the potential to be a weakness. (Leonard, 2019). ASLF’s most significant power is its mission and the quality to be stable for an extended period. They can attract donors, volunteers, and donation organizations, but there is a shortage of volunteers and fewer applications for the PESO model
OpportunitiesThere is an opportunity for ASLF to get funds from the government and collaboratively work with other organizations. They have worked collaboratively with Bear Necessities, Chance for Life, Aldi, Applebee’s, and other organizations.
ThreatsThreats are external factors that the organization cannot control, but they may cause negative/adverse effects to the organization now or in the future. Due to excessive inflation worldwide, the cost of the program may increase. It is a potential threat to the organization. Besides, lacking volunteers may threaten to spread their vision and mission to many people to collect funds.



  1. Increase Funding by five million dollars per year.
  2. Add 500 volunteers per year.
  3. Recruit childhood cancer researchers for the research program.
  4. Add at least five charity collaborators each year.

Strategies and Plan Implementation

Messaging and StorytellingCraft compelling and emotionally resonant messages that highlight Alex’s inspiring story and ALSF’s mission to find cures for childhood cancer. Use storytelling techniques to connect with the audience on a personal level and create empathy.
Media RelationsIdentify and reach out to local and national newspaper reporters and media outlets to feature stories about ALSF and its impact. Issue press releases for major fundraising events to attract media coverage.
Fundraising EventsOrganize three to five annual fundraising events, such as “Field Day Event” or “Serve-a-Thon,” to engage the community and raise funds. Promote these events through press releases, social media, and local event listings.
Social Media EngagementUtilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share engaging content about ALSF’s mission, activities, and progress. Post regular updates, testimonials from families supported, and appreciation notes for donors and volunteers.
Churches and Trade AssociationsDevelop a team of speakers to deliver speeches at churches and associations in Pennsylvania regularly. Engage with these organizations to solicit regular donations, one-time donations, and recruit volunteers.
Health Care Providers and Childhood Cancer ResearchersHost annual appreciation events for researchers involved in ALSF’s research programs. Highlight the impact of their work and create opportunities for collaboration.
Digital BillboardsUtilize digital billboards to promote ALSF’s mission and major fundraising events. Prepare a visually appealing video presentation to capture the attention of passersby.
Appreciation GiftsOffer appreciation gifts or souvenirs to donors and volunteers to acknowledge their support and strengthen the bond with the organization.
CollaborationsSeek partnerships with other nonprofit organizations and institutions working in the field of pediatric health and cancer. Collaborative efforts can enhance the organization’s reach and impact.
Email CampaignsImplement targeted email campaigns to inform donors and supporters about ALSF’s progress, upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved.


Digital Billboard advertisement$10,000
Fundraising events arrangements$20,000
Miscellaneous (printed posters, newsletters, souvenirs, etc.$20,000


Months 1-2Prepare messaging, media list, and initial social media content.
Months 3-4Launch social media campaign and begin outreach to churches and associations.
Months 5-6Organize the first fundraising event and seek grant opportunities from foundations.
Months 7-8Continue media outreach and plan the annual appreciation event for researchers.
Months 9-10Evaluate the campaign’s progress, adjust strategies as needed, and plan for the following year.