Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes National park (2019). It hugs 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, and there are lots of things to enjoy. I visited there in 2019 and clicked this beautiful sunny day picture.
Indiana Dunes State Park (2019). The state park is perfect for a beach day. During summer, there is a huge crowd to enjoy the beach vibes.
Flying Birds (2019) Indiana Dunes State Park. The park never failed to provide visitors with a realistic and eye-soothing view.
From the visitor’s tower (2019), I have clicked this photo from the visitors tower of Indiana Dunes State Park. The upper view of this park will provide a healing scenario of green tree and blue water.
The sandy beach of Indiana Dunes National Park (2019)
The Sand Dunes (2019). Sand Dunes is another striking place in Indiana Dunes National Park. While we will enter the parking lot you will find these amazing sandy views.
The Sand Dunes (2019)
Sunset at Indiana Dunes National Park (2019)
The national park has many places to enjoy the sunset.